Cougar plans

My hope is to make the cougar a modern feeling, reliable car to drive. Prior to adding the turbos to the cougar, it was far more reliable and easy to drive. Removing the AC and power steering wasn't a wise decision for drivability, so those will be reinstalled. Also, I'm adding a significant amount of sound deadening material to quiet the ride, which was noisy before.

  • Coyote engine, haven't decided generation

  • 6R80 automatic transmission

  • Replace air conditioning

  • Replace power steering

  • Significant sound deadening added to quiet ride

  • Cordeau FX1 seats

  • Replace carpets with OEM style with extra padding

  • Rebuild custom gauge cluster to improve view

  • Dye and paint interior to gray/black for no more porno red

  • Re-tint windows