Car Updates

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2021/05/20 - I received my Corbeau seat bracket for the driver's side, but of course it doesn't fit correctly. Had to 'massage' the seat rail over the transmission tunnel to make it get close to fitting. Continued a bit of the sound deadening and removed the rear shelf fabric area.

2021/05/01-02 - Continued with sound deadening installation over this weekend. Worked on the floor on day one and then moved to the roof on day two for layer two.

2021/04/25 - Sound deadening install part 1. Started with some of the silver backed insulation on the flat panels of the car.

2021/02/07 - Headliner removal

2021/01/23 - Interior wire cleanup and planning

2020/12/22 - Lower torque box reinforcement installation

2020/10/04 - Trunk cleanout and sub removal

2020/10/03 - Interior cleanout

2020/09/19 - Factory Insulation removal and interior cleanout

2020/09/13 - First video walk around of Cougar